Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What is Promise and how does it benefit my student?

NW Promise is a program that allows more high school students to earn college credits for the high school classes they are already taking. We connect high school teachers and college professors in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) by subject area and teachers learn how to offer high quality, college-level coursework and credit to their students.

2.   How much does it cost?

NW Promise costs $30 per year. If your student takes 12 credits, it will cost $30. If your student takes three (3) credits, it will cost $30. Also, if your student qualifies for Free/Reduced Lunch all NW Promise fees are waived.

NW Promise has the potential save families thousands of dollars in college tuition. For example, a four (4) credit class at Oregon Institute of Technology would be $735.72 ($183.93 per credit hour), making a savings of $705.72!

3.   How much extra time will it take away from my student?

NW Promise will not take any extra time from your student. The classes and coursework fall into the typical high school schedule and should require approximately the same amount of work as any other class of the same subject/caliber would. NO EXTRA TIME NEEDED.

4. This sounds awesome! How can my student sign up?

Your student should receive admission and registration information from their high school teacher. Please contact your high school teacher for the information specific to your child’s class.

5.   How do I know if we paid?

At the time of payment, you will have the opportunity to print your receipt page. We encourage you do so and keep it for your records. If you did not print your receipt or you lost it, you can contact Betsy Brower ( or 503.614.1487) who will be happy to find that information for you.

6.   What is the payment deadline, wait, what are all the deadlines?

·         $30 per year fee is due by June 2019.

·         For Oregon Institute of Technology dates, please visit  

·         For BMCC dates, please visit

7.   How do we find our credits in the college system?

You can view your transcript online through the college website to see your credits in late June. If you have any problems, please contact NW Promise (Betsy Brower ( or 503.614.1487 OR Deanna Dsouza ( or 503.614.1263) with questions.